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31 Dec 2019

Sexual Harassment Prevention and Regulation Mechanism

In 2019, following the initiative of the members of the Permanent Parliamentary Gender Equality Council of the Parliament of Georgia with the support of USAID-PROLoG, the Government passed legislative amendments to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace and public spaces. According to the amendments, the employer became obliged to take measures for equal treatment of all employees, as well as to include provisions on the prohibition of discrimination in internal regulations, and to ensure their fulfillment.

To support effective enforcement of the law, USAID/PROLoG, with the involvement of international and local experts, developed the Sexual Harassment Prevention and Elimination Mechanism that ensures equal treatment and non-discrimination in the workplace.

The USAID Rule of Law Program offers a free download of the developed mechanism and complaint form to adjust them to your organization's internal regulations, which will help you to prevent and eliminate sexual harassment in the workplace.

The documents are available in the Georgian language.

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10 Nov 2023

International Conference of Lawyers - Business and Human Rights

On November 10, 2023, the Georgian Bar Association (GBA), in collaboration with the European Bar Association, hosted an international conference for lawyers in Tbilisi focused on the theme of Business and Human Rights.

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07 Nov 2023

International Legal Foundation Fellow Met with Future Legal Professionals at Samtskhe-Javakheti State University

Ingrid Hess, a Fellow from the International Legal Foundation (ILF) whose activities in Georgia are supported by the USAID Rule of Law Program, conducted a learning session with law students at Samtskhe-Javakheti State University. The topic of the discussion was the role of lawyers in a democratic society, attracting an audience around 50 students.

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06 Nov 2023

Raising Public Awareness about Mediation in Gori

The Mediators Association of Georgia (MAG), with the USAID Rule of Law Program support, organized an informative meeting in Gori.

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Sexual Harassment Prevention & Elimination Mechanism