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Independence and Effectiveness of Justice System Institutions

The Rule of Law Program will strengthen the independence and professionalism of the judiciary by providing technical assistance and advocacy for needed legislative and regulatory reforms. To achieve this, we will:

  • monitor and assist with the implementation of existing reforms and support future reforms, such as further improving the judicial appointment process and random assignment of cases;
  • strengthen the capacity of the High School of Justice, which recently assumed the responsibility for admitting students who will become future judges;
  • enhance the administration of justice and court management by developing improved national court administration practices and advising individual courts on improving court management practices, promoting bench-bar meetings, and introducing tools to enhance a people-centered approach to delivering justice to court users.

The Program will build the capacity of individual judges and others working in the justice sector, focusing on regions outside of Tbilisi. The project will:

  • establish at least three Rule of Law Regional Hubs. The hubs will support linkages with and among the courts, Georgian Bar Association branches, Legal Aid Service (LAS) offices, Public Defender (PDO) offices, law faculties, CSOs, representatives of law enforcement bodies, and the private sector to ensure better delivery of justice;
  • establish Rule of Law Practice Groups composed mainly of legal professionals, including judges. The group members will share experiences, identify challenges in certain legal areas, and develop recommendations on how to improve practices in specific areas of the law;
  • provide technical assistance to the Constitutional Court of Georgia to improve case scheduling, ethics standards and enforcement of decisions;
  • support the judiciary through providing judicial exchanges, including visits to the U.S. for Georgian judges, placing U.S. judges in Georgian courts, and seconding Georgian judges to U.S. courts for in-depth exposure to U.S. best practices.

Strengthening legal education is also a significant part of the Program’s activities. In this regard, we will:

  • improve national standards on legal education and law school accreditation, and introduce courses and clinical programs previously developed with USAID support to law schools outside Tbilisi;
  • work with multiple law schools to develop a collaborative network of “street law” programs through which law students will gain experiential skills by teaching practical law-related lessons in secondary schools and communities around the country.

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