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Equal Access to Justice for All

The Rule of Law Program will remove barriers to justice by:

  • working with the Parliament, the PDO, the LAS and CSOs to improve access to justice for all in Georgia;
  • advising the Gender Equality Council of the Parliament and the Legal Issues and the Human Rights Committees of the Parliament;
  • collaborating with the PDO to organize a national, multimedia campaign to inform citizens of their rights and of the PDO’s role in enforcing them;
  • working with the LAS to strengthen its legal aid quality assurance system, mentor LAS lawyers, strengthen the LAS training department, and support collaboration between the LAS and CSOs to address barriers to access to justice.

The Program will support strategic litigation. We will:

  • support CSO strategic litigation in vital substantive areas, such as freedom of expression, freedom against discrimination, right to fair trial, and protecting the rights of women, children, persons with disabilities, marginalized groups and minorities (e.g., ethnic and religious minorities and LGBTQ representatives);
  • hold grants competitions for CSOs to address barriers to justice and raise awareness of women, minorities, and other marginalized persons on their rights and how to better exercise them.

 The Program will work to improve access to justice by strengthening mediation and other types of ADR. We will:

  • promote needed legislative and regulatory changes, improve the functioning of existing court-annexed mediation programs, and support the institutional development of the Mediators Association of Georgia (MAG) and Georgian Association of Arbitrators (GAA);
  • work to integrate ADR into the university curriculum, establish annual national arbitration and mediation competitions, and develop an externship program to place students with MAG or court-annexed mediation centers;
  • support outreach initiatives to improve awareness of the benefits of arbitration and mediation.

Sexual Harassment Prevention & Elimination Mechanism