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Citizen and Institutional Oversight of Justice Institutions Increased

The Program will strengthen institutional oversight mechanisms by:

  • building the capacity of the Parliament’s Legal Affairs and Human Rights Committees to review judicial and High Council of Justice candidates;
  • supporting the PDO to develop an internal judicial monitoring strategy and mechanism.

The Program will encourage civil society engagement with justice institutions to increase the quality of court services and ensure better treatment of disadvantaged groups, as well as increase the public’s engagement with courts and understanding of legal proceedings. We will:

  • support the Coalition for an Independent and Transparent Judiciary in its advocacy efforts;
  • work to improve the public’s ability to monitor the operation of judicial institutions by supporting innovative Justice Reform Impact Assessments that will allow civil society groups to assess the actual impact of justice reforms with their stated objectives;
  • promote CSOs’ collaborative initiatives with justice institutions aimed at increasing the quality of court services and ensuring better treatment of disadvantaged groups;
  • organize Legal Tech Hackathons to develop creative solutions to policy problems in the justice sector;
  • support mechanisms that allow citizens to oversee the operation of local court and other core justice institutions, and encourage courts to conduct periodic court user surveys;
  • support systemic trial monitoring initiatives, as well as innovative trial monitoring that allows litigants who suspect they will not be treated fairly for political or discriminatory reasons to request a watchdog group to monitor their case;
  • support People-Centered Justice Assessments to determine the extent to which individual courts meet the needs of court users and support the implementation of initiatives responsive to the assessment recommendations.

Sexual Harassment Prevention & Elimination Mechanism