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04 Dec 2023

Court Awarded a Non-pecuniary Damage Compensation of 10,000 GEL to the Victim of Domestic Violence

With the support of Rights Georgia, the court granted a compensation of 10,000 GEL for non-pecuniary damages to a victim of domestic violence. On December 4, 2023, Judge Mamuka Nozadze of Rustavi City Court issued a decision regarding the restitution for non-material harm resulting from domestic violence. Rights Georgia's legal team, with support from the USAID Rule of Law Program, protected the rights of  the victim of persistent violence.

In March 2023, a violence survivor sought assistance from Rights Georgia. The woman's ex-husband had been serving a sentence since April 2021 for gender-intolerant acts of domestic violence. Lawyers drafted a lawsuit, seeking 10,000 GEL in compensation for non-material damage resulting from domestic violence. They presented the court with the legally binding criminal case verdict and additional evidence confirming the acts of violence against the female victim and the resulting emotional distress.

The court fully supported the plaintiff and her representatives, directing the defendant to pay 10,000 GEL in non-material damages. This decision marks another stride toward women's economic empowerment, a goal championed by Rights Georgia through strategic litigation.

Upon the request of Rights Georgia's lawyers, the victim provided her testimony remotely during the court proceedings. This approach helped maintain a distance between the victim and the perpetrator, minimizing the risk of secondary victimization.

The court's decision was pivotal for the beneficiary, who emphasized that even if complications arise in enforcing the compensation, the judicial acknowledgment of the damage caused by the violence represents a significant triumph for her. The beneficiary remarked, "I told my family members that even if I don't receive the compensation, it is still a great victory for me."

This case holds importance, given that victims of violence seldom pursue court compensation for intangible damages. There are few precedents for such compensation, and courts rarely award such substantial amounts. Particularly for women trapped in violent environments due to economic constraints, this case stands as a noteworthy example of how civil litigation can contribute to the economic empowerment of violence survivors.


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