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20 Sep 2023

State Compensation Granted to Child of Femicide Victim with Support from Rights Georgia

A two-year-old boy, the child of a femicide victim, was awarded state compensation totaling 10,000 GEL, thanks to the advocacy efforts of the local non-governmental organisation Rights Georgia. The organization represented the minor's interests before the State Care Agency, with support from the USAID Rule of Law Program.

Expressing her gratitude, the minor’s grandmother, the mother of the femicide victim, stated, "I am thankful for the assistance we received. We were in dire need of financial support, and we intend to allocate the received compensation for the child's well-being and to address our existing challenges."

The journey towards securing this compensation began when the minor's grandmother sought assistance from Rights Georgia on May 25, 2023. She had taken on the full responsibility of raising the child after the tragic loss of the mother, a 22-year-old pregnant woman who fell victim to a brutal murder involving a weapon in December 2021.

In July 2023, following the finalization of the guilty verdict against the perpetrator, legal experts from Rights Georgia aided the child's grandmother in preparing the necessary documentation required for the state compensation claim. Rules for state compensation payments to victims of domestic violence and children of femicide victims were established by the Government of Georgia on November 9, 2022, and paved the way for this important claim. Following the rule, this compensation represents a form of support extended by the state to the children of femicide victims.

With the unwavering support of Rights Georgia, four children of three different femicide victims have now received compensation from the state. Rights Georgia remains committed to providing essential legal assistance in cases involving state compensation for women who fell victim to violence and for the minor children left behind by femicide victims.


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20 Feb 2024

Internship at Legal Aid Service: Bridging Theory with Practice in Legal Education

Internships play a pivotal role in the journey of aspiring legal professionals, offering a bridge between academic theory and real-world application. Recently, four student-paralegals had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the practicalities of the legal field through a paid internship at the Legal Aid Service (LAS) Batumi Bureau, supported by the USAID Rule of Law Program. Their experiences shed light on the invaluable benefits gained from such hands-on training.

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04 Dec 2023

Court Awarded a Non-pecuniary Damage Compensation of 10,000 GEL to the Victim of Domestic Violence

On December 4, 2023, Judge Mamuka Nozadze of Rustavi City Court issued a decision regarding the restitution for non-material harm resulting from domestic violence. Rights Georgia's legal team, with support from the USAID Rule of Law Program, protected the rights of  the victim of persistent violence.

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20 Dec 2023

GYLA Achieves Success in Matkava and Others v Russia at ECtHR

European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) ruled on the case of Matkava and others v. Russia. The case concerned the applicants’ complaint that their close relative, Giga Otkhozoria, had been killed by a border guard of the de facto Abkhaz authorities and that there had been no effective investigation into the killing.

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