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Court-Community Engagement Grant


I. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University


12 months



The goal of the project is to send a message to the judicial system that there is an increased interest in the control of justice from the society, including the educational institution, on the cases of violence against women. The project aims to enhance transparency of court decisions on this type of cases and to identify the results of the fight against violence against women. For these purposes, within the framework of the project, a clinic for combating violence against women will be established at the Law Faculty of the University, which will be offered only to master’s programs students. 

The first stage of the project involves developing syllabus for the program and training students through lectures, seminars, and practical exercises. At the next stage, with active participation of the students, cases of violence against women (incl. sexual harassment cases) at Tbilisi City Court will be monitored. At the final stage the project team will analyze the results of case monitoring and produce a final report. In the long term, after the end of the project, the clinic at the Law Faculty of TSU will continue its activities independently and will ensure the implementation of the activities provided by the project with the participation of the next generation of master’s program students.

Sexual Harassment Prevention & Elimination Mechanism