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07 Nov 2023

International Legal Foundation Fellow Met with Future Legal Professionals at Samtskhe-Javakheti State University

Ingrid Hess, a Fellow from the International Legal Foundation (ILF) whose activities in Georgia are supported by the USAID Rule of Law Program, conducted a learning session with law students at Samtskhe-Javakheti State University. The topic of the discussion was the role of lawyers in a democratic society, attracting an audience around 50 students.

The Fellow explained the crucial role lawyers play in ensuring the effective functioning of a democratic society. She delved into the responsibilities they shoulder and the ethical obligations integral to their profession, drawing insights from both international and Canadian perspectives. The cession was interactive, with students actively posing questions about various aspects of the legal profession.

Reflecting on the experience, Ms. Hess expressed satisfaction with the turnout, stating, “I was pleased to see a good turnout for my talk with students at the University. They engaged in conversation that left me feeling hopeful because of the passion for justice that they will bring to their roles as lawyers in the future.”

Ms. Hess arrived in Georgia in October 2023 and her primary mission is to collaborate with the Legal Aid Service (LAS). She is sharing her extensive legal expertise with the LAS Akhaltsikhe Bureau lawyers as well as she will continue to conduct similar sessions in the region.


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